Adding Links Between 360 Images

Adding links between 360 images allows users to navigate 360 images more seamlessly by allowing them to teleport to different images by looking at a particular spot on the image. This can help you create lightweight "walkthroughs" with your 360 images.  

Adding a 360 link from the Web Browser

It it possible to add the links between 360 images in the web browser. This allows for simple and fast project editing without having to download anything.

First, go to your project in InsiteVR and select "Start Presentation". If asked what you would like to present, select "360 Images".

Go to the 360 image where you would like to add a 360 link and press the "+" button on the bottom right of the screen.

Select "Link to 360 Image" then select the new 360 image you want to link to. Now use your mouse to place the link and click to save the link in that location.

You can do this multiple times so that your users can walk through the whole environment using these links! When you are done, you can share the presentation using the blue link in the grey box above the page.


Adding a 360 link from the Desktop Editor

First, make sure that all the 360 images you want to link together are uploaded to the project.

After, go into a 360 image through the "Views" in the Desktop Editor. Click on the "Image" tab and select the 360 image. You can also access the image through its hot spot if it is already placed in the model.

Look toward where you want to place the link, press the "+" button at the bottom right and select "Link to 360 Image". Select the image you want to link to and you are done!

When you want to teleport to this image, just place your cursor on the circle icon.

 Notes: The 360 image links will only be visible in the GearVR and on the web browser at the moment. For now, they will not be available in the Google Cardboard viewer.

We recommend placing the 360 links in areas of your image that only have one texture to avoid the "cross eyed" effect. We will be looking to fix this ocular artifact in the future through technical updates.

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