[09/28/16] Device Identification

Streaming what users are seeing in VR is one of InsiteVR's most important features. It allows our users to have seamless conversations with their team and their customers.

InsiteVR allows you to see everybody that is in the VR presentation and track what they are seeing individually. You can also use a laser pointer to point their attention to specific parts of the virtual environment.

Until today, users were identified by a very generic identification which made it unclear which device it was streaming. This complicated presentations with multiple users.

Our most recent Android update allows you to specify each device's name to simplify the identification process! You can name the device with the person's username or use a more generic and recognizable name. For large firms with multiple GearVR headsets, we recommend using a sticker on the device and giving them generic name such as "Device 1", "Device 2", etc. You can also differentiate which devices are used remotely by the client, contractors or subtrades.

To change the device name, click on the gear setting icon at the top right of the app.

Click on the device name, enter a new name and click OK. Click the arrow and you will be back at the main menu.

Note: Device names are currently limited to 8 characters


Once you've changed the names of the devices, it's very easy to see who is being tracked when reviewing 3D models or 360 images. 



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