How do I Join my Organisation's Team?

If you don't have an account yet, but your firm is using our services, there are a few ways to join your organization.

The first step to joining your organization should be to talk to the administrator of the account. Find out who in your office is managing the InsiteVR account and ask them for access. Keep in mind that some large firms have many offices and may have different subscriptions to InsiteVR in each office.

Signup Link

If your account manager has set up a signup link, you can use this to join. They will send you a URL that will automatically let you sign up and be part of the organization.

Invitation Only

If the account manager has selected "invite only" for team signups, you will need to be added by them manually. Contact them and they can add you to the organization.

Signup by Domain

If your account administrator has the proper settings for signups, they can allow you to sign up with your work email and automatically be added to the team.

If you've Signed Up but are Not Part of an Organisation Yet

Contact your InsiteVR Administrator. They will either send you and invite or a signup link.


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