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Sharing 360 Images is super simple! Once you've invited a stakeholder to view your project, they can view your latest 360 Images using a mobile browser, Google Cardboard, or GearVR.

Mobile Browser/Google Cardboard

Go into your project and click "Start Presentation", then "360 Images". Once the project launches you can click "Share" to send an SMS or generate a link to the presentation. This option will work on nearly all mobile devices including iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

If they use the InsiteVR app however, they will get better performance. Here are the step required for users to view your 360 images.

Users who have a Cardboard Version 2 or higher will be able to use the integrated button to cycle through the 360 images.


This following steps can be given as instruction to allow your clients to use their own GearVR headset and independently explore your 360 images.

Users should now be able to explore your 360 images and cycle through them by using the touchpad on the side of the GearVR.

If you want to give them a more guided tour, just log onto the InsiteVR website, go into your project and click "Start Presentations", then "360 images". You will be able to teleport them to different camera positions, use the laser pointer and track what your users they are looking at.


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