360 Hotspots

If you've uploaded 360 images of your project and set up 360 images hotspots, you will see them during 3D model presentations.

You can activate a hotspot by clicking on it, or by walking onto it. To exit a hotspot, just press the 'Esc' key.


You can also browse through all the hotspots in the model by opening the '360 Hotspots' menu on the bottom bar. Just click one of the thumbnails to open the 360 hotspot. Click the 'exit' button to exit.


The 360 images used in hotspots have more accurate lighting and higher levels of detail. They are similar to traditional 3d architectural renderings, but allow you to look around. Using 360 hotspots is an easy way to enhance your VR presentation and help your customers experience the environments you've designed.

Some firms like to add detailed 360 hotspots onto greyscale (Sketch) models to create a dramatic change when users step into a 360 hotspots.

360 Hotspots go very well together with greyscale (Sketch) models, as they allow you to combine photo-realistic 360 images with a more abstract 3D environment.


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