Sending 360 Images via SMS (text message)

To easily share 360 images, you can send 360 images to a client or colleague via SMS, or text message. Clients will be able to then view the images on their mobile browser with or without VR viewer.

To start a 360 presentation, go to the appropriate project page and click "Start Presentation". If you have both 360 images and a 3D model, you will be given the option to choose either. In this case, choose "360 images".


Once open, click the Share button the top right. In the first tab, labeled SMS, enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the 360 images to.


The person who you've sent it to will then receive a message like the one below. By clicking the link in the SMS they will open the 360 images in the browser. Most modern smartphones will support view tracking that allows users to hold their cellphones and look around as if they were in the room even without a VR headset.

Once a user connects, on your desktop you will be able to see their head movements and use the laser pointer to guide their attention to particular areas of the 360 image. If multiple users are connected, you can select which one you would like to track. You can also use the arrows to cycle through the 360 images for the connected users.



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