Streaming is one of the most important features of InsiteVR. It breaks the isolation that is typically associated with VR presentations by letting you see what users are seeing in VR.

Streaming 360 Presentations

To stream 360 images, log into InsiteVR, open a project with 360 images, click "Start Presentation" and then "360 Images".

Once you launch the presentation your images will load and you will be asked to launch this presentation from a mobile device. You have three options for presenting the images to other users:

  1. Use our Android app and 360 Viewer to view the images on a GearVR
  2. Visit the link at the top of the page from your mobile internet browser
  3. Visit the link at the top of the page from your laptop or desktop internet browser

When users start logging in, you will see them in the "Device" section of presentation panel. Select which user you want to track by using the dropdown menu.

You can move users through 360 images by using the arrows on the presentation panel.

GearVR users will be able to see the laser pointer if you use it to identify key elements in the 360 images. Just make sure to select the proper user in the dropdown menu before using the laser pointer.

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