Uploading a Navisworks Model

To upload a 3D model from Navisworks you will need to upload an FBX file.

Make sure your 3D view shows or hides the desired elements you wish to bring into InsiteVR.

Older versions of Navisworks had a longstanding and known Navisworks bug which did not export models with the correct rotation. If your models are coming in rotated 90 degrees, you will need to modify your file before exporting it to InsiteVR by following the instructions in Step 1. If you're using Navisworks 2018 or later, you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Fix the Coordinate System

Open the "Selection Tree" by going into View>Windows>Selection Tree.

In the Selection Tree, select an appended model and right-click on it. Click "Units and Transform".

In the rotation section, enter the following information:

270 degrees.


Step 2: Export the FBX file

At this point, you are ready to export the file. You will need to change a few of the default settings.

Click the Navisworks logo on the top left corner and go to Export > FBX. Change the export units to inches.


Note: If you use the polygon limiting function, make sure to have a look at the resulting FBX file in 3DS Max to ensure it does not over-decimate the geometry.

Click OK, name your file and save it in the desired directory.

Step 3: Upload your FBX

Once the FBX file is exported, log in to your InsiteVR account and click Start New Project.

Click "Add 3D Model".

Select your FBX file from your file system and click Open or drag the file onto the window. Your file will begin uploading.

Congratulations! You've successfully uploaded a Navisworks model to InsiteVR.

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