Add Text Annotations to a 3D Model

The Annotations Menu

Annotations allow you to place text notes in a 3D model. To get started, run the desktop app for a project with a 3D model. You can download the desktop app from the website by clicking on a project with a processed 3D model and selected "Download App." Within the app, go near an area of interest where you would like to add an annotation using your mouse and the arrow keys or WASD.

Once there, use the mouse to select the annotations menu on the bottom of your screen to reveal a list of annotations currently in the model, as shown below.

Creating Annotations

To create an Annotation, select the "+" icon in the menu header. Mousing over it should reveal the hint text, "Create a new Annotation." Now enter the text you would like to place in the model and select "CREATE." Then click on the location in the model where you want to place the Annotation.


Adding an Annotation

Viewing and Deleting Annotations

To quickly view an annotation, click on it from the Annotations menu. To delete an Annotation, you may click on the Annotation in the model or the Annotations menu and press the trash can icon.

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