3D Model Preview [Beta]

To give you a better idea of what your model will look like before approving it for cloud processing, you can create a free preview model.

Preview models differ from processed models in a few ways. They do not use credits, but do not provide optimization for GearVR and cannot be experienced in virtual reality without processing.

To create a preview model, log into InsiteVR's web portal and upload or update a new model to one of your InsiteVR projects.



After selecting the render style, you will see the new option to Generate a Free Preview. If you want to see the model before processing it for sharing, simply click the Generate Free Preview button.

Generate Free Preview


You will receive an email with a link to your preview within a few minutes.

The model will be packaged in a ZIP file and contains one folder. You must remove this folder from the ZIP file and place it into a non-ZIP project folder before starting the application. Open the ZIP file and drag the folder in your appropriate office project folder.

Downloading and Installing 

All you need to do now is open the unzipped folder and click the insitevr.exe file. If you do not notice any major modelling errors and you are ready to process the model for publishing, go back to the InsiteVR portal and confirm the final model publishing.


Model Feature Comparison


Preview Model

Processed Model




Can run on a desktop or laptop



Fly Mode



Walk Mode



Can run as VR model on GearVR



Performance optimization



Adding 360 Images



Multi-user streaming



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