Creating an Organization Signup Page

The easiest way to invite members of your organization to get started with InisteVR is to create an organization signup page. Members who sign up will have limited permissions as Members of the organization. You can later update their permissions as necessary.


To create a sign up page click "Manage Organization" on the dashboard.


Next, click the "Settings" button in the Organization info page.

Next, click the "Team Sign Up" tab.


Now enable the team sign up page by clicking the "Anyone with an email address from these domains can join" option.

Now enter the domain corresponding to your organization and press "Save Settings"

Now you will see a link which you can share internally to allow users to sign up for InsiteVR through your organization. This will ensure you can appropriately manage credit usage and view all projects for your organization. 

Don't worry, even if someone outside the organization gets a hold of this link they will require e-mail verification to sign up. So, only if they actually have an email with the domain you specified will they be able to sign up.


This is the page your colleagues will access to sign up for InsiteVR once you send them your unique link:


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