GearVR App Overview

If you're reading this article it means you're ready to start viewing content on the GearVR that you've uploaded to InsiteVR. 

You can download the InsiteVR GearVR app by accessing this link from your phone's browser: 

1. Once you have the GearVR app installed on your phone click the app to launch: 



2. Enter your username and password to log in:



3. Below is your projects list. It reflects the list of projects in your dashboard at The icons to the right of the project name indicate whether the app is ready to view, ready to download, processing or still needs content uploaded. Let's take a look at the "Montana Ranch" project. The blue project icon on the project list indicates that there is a download available for this project.



4. To download the "Montana Ranch" project simply click the project name and then click the download button shown below. 



5. Your project will begin installing over WiFi. Download speeds will vary depending on your WiFi signal strength. 



6. Once the app is installed the project list will update to indicate the project is ready to view in the GearVR. The green icon with the goggles indicates it is ready to view.



7. To view in the GearVR simply click the project name and click the green launch button. A message will prompt you to insert the phone into the GearVR. Do not click "CANCEL" and carefully insert the phone into the GearVR.





8. The app will take around a minute to load after you place the headset on your head.

Have a look at our section on setting up the VR scene, VR presentation tools or streaming the presentation to your computer screen.


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