Presenting 3D Models

Now that you've set up your VR presentation by adding cameras and 360 hotspots, you're ready to give a VR presentation. InsiteVR has made it easy to communicate with your clients while they explore your VR scene. Here's how:

1. Launch the VR desktop app: 

2. Click "Start Presentation:"

3. Launch your 3D model from the InsiteVR GearVR app now:

4. The GearVR app can take up to a minute or two to load. Please be patient and wait for the model to appear in the GearVR. Once it appears the desktop app will say "Connected" and will begin to mirror what is being seen in the GearVR.

NOTE: Your GearVR's phone and your computer must both be connected to WiFi. It does not have to be the same network.

5. You'll be able to walk around the 3D model using a bluetooth controller or teleport between your cameras by clicking on the blue arrows in the top right hand side of the screen:

6. You can right click on the screen with your mouse to project a laser pointer into the scene to direct your client's attention.  


The following video covers the instructions above.


Congratulations! Being able to stream a VR presentation is the most critical part of communicating with a client during a VR presentation. This will enable you to finally take advantage of virtual reality.

Over time the InsiteVR team has witnessed hundreds, if not thousands, of VR presentations. Here are some presentation tips and best practices that we've collected over that time

If you have any trouble getting your presentation to stream please contact

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