Add 360 Image Hotspots

Great! You've downloaded your InsiteVR Desktop App in Step 1 and set up cameras in Step 2

If you uploaded 360 renderings into your InsiteVR project on the website you can now drop 360 image hotspots into your 3D model. These will enable your clients to pop into photorealistic views while exploring your 3D model. 

1. Launch your desktop app:

2. Walk around until you find the location where you'd like to drop your 360 image hotspot and click the 360 icon. Next click the plus button the 360 hotspots menu.

3. Choose the image you'd like to drop from the list of images available in this project. Rotate the image with your mouse until it aligns with the model.


4. The 360 image has now been dropped on the floor. You'll see an image icon appear in every location you've dropped one of these hotspots:


5. You’ll be prompted if you’d like to preview or delete the 360 hotspot. To preview or delete the 360 hotspot in the future, simply walk over the image and click "Preview 360 Image" or "Delete 360 Image". You can also click on it in the 3D model or from the 360 hotspots menu.


6. The preview will fade in slowly. Press "Esc" to exit the preview:



Congratulations! You've set up a mixed 3D+360 InsiteVR presentation. You're on your way to an impressive presentation. 


 - See this article to learn how to set up camera positions to teleport your client around your 3D model. 

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