Your First Project

Starting A New Project

To get started with InsiteVR you will first need to start a project. Click the "Start New Project" button on your dashboard.


Give your project a name. You will also notice there is an "Owner" field. If you are part of an organization then your organization will get ownership by default. This means your project is visible to all members of the organization and the organization is responsible for billing.


If you have a 3D model or a 360 image ready for VR you can upload it to your project now. Click "Start Processing" once you've uploaded something. Don't worry, you can always add content later if it's not ready or if someone else is responsible for uploading.

Uploading a 3D Model

When you upload a 3D model it will first be uploaded to our servers for analyzing. Models from Revit or 3DS Max typically take 30 seconds to 1 minute analyze. Sketchup models are a little bit longer. 

Once it's done analyzing the page will update with a price for the uploaded model. You won't be charged until you click "Approve & Proceed."

You will also receive an email with this information and you can access this information at any time by clicking on the model title.

When you're ready to begin processing click "Approve & Proceed" to start the model conversion into virtual reality. 

Once you've approved the model it will be sent to our servers for processing. Depending on the size of the model it can take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours for processing. We will email you once it's complete. 

For more details on how to upload from Revit, Sketchup, or 3DS Max view our 3D Model section.

Uploading a 360 Image

You can also upload 360 images that have been rendered with software like V-Ray or A360.


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