Uploading a 360 Image

First, select the project you want to upload a 360 image into. Once you're on the project details page click "Add 360 Image."


You will be prompted to select whether your 360 image consists of one or two images. Most formats will be in the form of a single image. If you're uploading from A360 you will need to upload the left and right images separately.


Your file will start to upload and be sent to our servers for processing. Once it's finished (approx. 30 - 60 seconds) you can preview the 360 image on the 360 Image Details Page. 

Note: At this point, your image is only available as a preview on the screen and your account has not been charged any credits for the upload. It will not be viewable in VR until you press the "Charge & Publish" button. 


Once you've published your image it will appear in the 360 Images section of the project page. All unpublished images will appear in the table on the left and will not be viewable in VR until they are published.

Once you've published your 360 images for a given project you can access them with your mobile device to view them in virtual reality. To mirror the VR experience on your desktop click the "Start Presentation" button. This will also allow you to track what users in VR are looking at within the image.


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