Presenting 360 Images

InsiteVR allows you to present 360 images in VR, stream what users are seeing in VR headsets to your desktop screen and control what they're looking at. To get started with a 360 image VR presentation, open the project you'd like to present and click the "Start Presentation" button.

If your project contains both 3D models and 360 Images, you will need to choose "360 Images".

Once you launch the presentation your images will load and you will be asked to launch this presentation from a mobile device. You have three options for presenting the images to other users:

  1. Use our Android app to view the images on a GearVR
  2. Visit the link at the top of the page from your mobile browser
  3. Visit the link at the top of the page from your laptop or desktop

Once you connect from a mobile device, the presentation will begin to track the user and you can follow along as they explore your 360 images. Multiple users can join the presentation and you can switch between by clicking the different devices on the side menu. You can also use the arrow keys to switch the 360 image for all viewers. 



Accessing your 360 Images Offline

If you don't have access to a stable WiFi network you can still access your 360 images using the InsiteVR app. 

First launch the InsiteVR app. If you're offline you will only see the 360 Image Viewer.


Click it to launch the 360 viewer and insert your device into the GearVR. You will see a message like the one below:

Important: If you are offline you will get access to projects that were last loaded when you were connected to a network. While on a stable connection, make sure to first load the project that you want to view later. To load the project, just open it to preview the images and it will stay on your cellphone.

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