Uploading a 3DS Model

To get started, open the model you'd like to upload in 3DS Max.

Next, click the 3DS Max logo in the upper left corner and navigate to Export. Now click Export.

Note: If you have any hidden elements in the model that you don't want to see in VR, you should select only what's visible and click Export Selected.

Choose FBX in the Save As Type field. Now select where you'd like to save your model.

Finally, you will be prompted to check the settings for the FBX export. Make sure to select "embed media" to ensure your materials and textures are correctly exported. Also change the export units to Meters.

Go to your project's page on the InsiteVR website. Click "Add 3D Model" and drag your FBX file onto the box, you can also click Choose File to select your FBX file.

After the upload is complete, you will be prompted to select a render style.

Once you've selected a render style your model will be sent to the InsiteVR servers and you will receive an email to confirm the price.

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