InsiteVR Overview

Uploading Content

To use InsiteVR and get started with virtual reality you will need one of the following:

  • 3D model created in modeling software like Revit, Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Navisworks or Maya. We currently support FBX and OBJ files.


  • 360 Image created with rendering software like V-Ray, Octane Render, or Autodesk’s A360 cloud platform.


The differences:

3D Models: When you upload a 3D model from a program like Revit to InsiteVR you will receive a fully immersive virtual reality experience. This means you can use a joystick or another form of control to explore every inch of the design that has been modeled out. This is great for projects where the client could greatly benefit from understanding scale, circulation, furniture placement, or other spatial decisions that may not be so obvious in two dimensions.

360 Images:
When you upload a 360 rendering to InsiteVR you will create a 360 degree virtual reality experience. This means your client is free to look around, but they are restricted to where the image was rendered from. They cannot move forwards or backwards. This is a great way to produce more photorealistic experiences and not give too much freedom to the client.


Your Project Dashboard

Your dashboard contains all projects that you have started or have been invited to on InsiteVR. Projects can contain 360 images and 3D models for viewing in virtual reality. 



Projects: Where the Magic Happens

Everything on InsiteVR revolves around projectsWhen you create a new project you can upload content specific to that project and invite team members to view and update that content. All projects represent one virtual reality experience. In other words, all 360 images or 3D models uploaded to a specific project can be viewed simultaneously in that VR project via the InsiteVR GearVR or our Desktop apps.

The project page contains details such as who created the project, your role within the project, and what content has been uploaded. Adding team members to the project will allow others to populate the project with 360 images or upload a 3D model straight from their workstations.


Virtual Reality Presentations

InsiteVR has been designed with multi-user presentations in mind. Virtual reality can be isolating and awkward when only one person in the room wears a headset. Our presentation tools allow you to do more than just impress customers with a VR experience. InsiteVR unlocks the power to communicate complex 3D ideas with VR. 

Our platform allows you to control the VR presentation of many users simultaneously. You can have multiple users around a conference table using a combination of VR headsets, laptop screens, projectors and televisions and guide them all through the building at the same time. You control whether they will see a specific 360 image or a certain part of the building. You can teleport them to a specific location and control the scene at any moment or you can let them explore on their own with a hand controller.

To facilitate communication, we allow you to stream what users are seeing on the headset to any computer in the room or even across the country. By streaming what they're seeing to a TV not only can you discuss the design together, but the rest of the room can engage with the wearer(s) of the headset while they're in virtual reality. 

Using InsiteVR With Your Team

InsiteVR has been designed with team projects in mind. Each project can be assigned specific team members to assist with uploading or updating 360 renderings and 3D models. This makes multi-office collaboration on VR projects easy. We've been told this is an invaluable feature for off site meetings which require last minute updates from the office.

You can also manage an organization to keep track of all of your company's VR projects in one central location.

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