Dollhouse Mode

Dollhouse mode is a way to interact with a scaled version of your model. Using an Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controller you can grab your model and scale, rotate, and translate it to get a full understanding of the space from a different perspective.

Desktop Controls

To go into dollhouse mode find and press the button next the walk/fly toggle on the bottom left of the screen.


You'll then see a scaled version of your model on a tabletop. The exact scale can be found on the bottom left corner of the table.


You can walk around the table using the normal walk control (WASD/arrow keys). To return to the model you can click "Teleport Down". You can then use your mouse to select where you'd like to teleport into the model.




VR Controls

The dollhouse model can be interacted with in various ways. The "grip" buttons on Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive controller are used for dollhouse interactions:


Activating Dollhouse Mode

You can access dollhouse mode by removing your headset and pressing the "View Dollhouse" button on the desktop:


Or by pointing your hand controller upwards and teleporting:



To move the dollhouse model hold down one of the grip buttons and move your controller. The model will follow your controller's motion.



To scale the dollhouse model press down both grip buttons and pull your hands apart to make the model larger or bring them closer together to make the model smaller.



To rotate the dollhouse model press down both grip buttons and move your hands in a circular motion.



Teleport Into Full Scale Model

To return to the full scale model, press the teleport button and aim your controller at the model. You will see a blue avatar indicating where you will teleport to on release.




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